What to do when heard on the water

What to Do When Hurt on the Water

It is crucial to understand that if you are injured while on the water, the laws that govern the incident are not the same as those that would apply to a vehicle accident.  Instead, the jurisdiction will fall under Maritime Law, which covers the waters of the United States as well as international waters. Because this is vastly different from handling most other types of injury accidents, it is essential that you contact the Blake Jones Law Firm to discuss your case with a Maritime Law expert.

Safety First

If you were injured working on a boat, ship, or other vessel on the water, your priority is your safety. Notify your employer right away. Seek professional medical care for any injuries you sustained. Even if you feel that you only suffered bumps and bruises, it is essential to have that harm documented by a medical professional. You must also follow any treatment protocol or seek recommended diagnostic services to ensure the injuries are correctly diagnosed and treated.

Getting Expert Maritime Law Advice from the Blake Jones Law Firm

Most people have little or no understanding of maritime Law and how it could apply to them in the event of an injury or accident. Fortunately, the Blake Jones Law Firm team is here to provide the information and guidance needed to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve. Our founder brings over 50 years of legal expertise to each case and specializes in maritime and personal injury law.

When you contact the firm, you can rest assured that our Maritime Law team has the experience and understanding of the legal precedents vital to getting you the compensation needed to cover your losses and the expenses created by your injuries.  Previous cases litigated by our firm have resulted in settlements ranging from $850,000 to $17,000,000 for clients injured on the water. We will work tirelessly to secure just as robust a settlement for you.

Your Basic Rights Under Maritime Law

Having an understanding of your rights is sure to provide some peace of mind as you work with the staff at the Blake Jones Law Firm to resolve your claim. First, the typical statute of Limitations to file your claim for an injury on the water is three years.

If you were employed on the vessel where you were injured, you have the right to per diem and medical care. You also have the right to seek compensation if your injuries were caused by a lack of seaworthiness of the Bessel. In addition, all cases related to Maritime Law are handled by federal courts, which enables you to file a lawsuit in federal court to seek the compensation owed to you. Finally, some courts have set a precedent for awarding punitive damages in cases involving injuries caused by a lack of seaworthiness due to gross negligence.

If you have suffered an injury while working offshore or were hurt while a passenger on a cruise ship or a loved one suffered injuries while on the water, please get in touch with the Blake Jones Law Firm immediately to request a consultation with an expert in Maritime Law.