Don't talk to the insurance company

Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company Before Speaking to Your Attorney

When you are involved in a New Orleans car accident, it is easy to become overwhelmed by fear, stress, and the pain of your injuries. Your entire world feels like it is imploding, and that pressure can cause some poor and possibly costly decisions. But it would be best if you took a few moments and deep breaths before falling into one of the most common traps that snare many vehicle injury victims. Before you grab the phone to speak to your insurance company or agent in Kenner, take the time to contact the Blake Jones Law Firm. Our staff is here to protect you and your rights, which is not true for any insurance company, including yours.

The Truth About Insurance Companies

Many customers feel a sense of loyalty to their insurance company, especially if they have made a claim and gotten help repairing their vehicle or covering other costs. However, it is critical to understand that insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Their sole purpose is to make money, not to be there for customers when they have an accident. Sure, that is part of what they do, but it is not why they are in business. They are playing the odds and working to write enough policies and gather enough revenue each year to exceed the amount they pay out in claims.

In addition, if the best way for the insurance company to make money is to trip you up in a statement and get you to admit fault or negligence, then that is what they will attempt to make happen. Ultimately, they are more loyal to investors or shareholders than their customers.

Your Attorney Is Loyal Only to You

Once you discover what motivates your insurance company or agent, it is vital that you contact the Blake Jones Law Firm to ensure that you have someone working to protect nothing more than your best interest. They will help you understand how to answer the questions posed by your insurance company or others involved in the incident. Your attorney will explain why some aspects of the information you provide are vital to protecting your rights and how to ensure your insurance company does not sell you out and offer an unfairly low compensation amount.

What If I Am Forced to Speak to an Insurance Representative First?

If you are in some way obligated to contact your insurance company before speaking to the experts at Blake Jones Law Firm, you need to report only the facts:

  • You were involved in an accident
  • There was property damage due to the accident
  • You suffered injuries in the accident
  • You provided your insurance information to others involved in the accident and gathered their insurance information
  • You notified the appropriate law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area
  • You filed a police report

If you are pressed for more information, remain as general as possible and never try to self-diagnose injuries, their severity, or the potential level of the property damage. State that you need to seek emergency medical care and an evaluation before speaking further regarding the accident. Once you have gotten the medical evaluation, be sure to contact the Blake Jones Law Firm to talk to an attorney before contacting your insurance company to provide further information.