Common dangers for dock workers

Taking care of boats on a dock should not lead to you facing a lifetime of medical care, but in some cases, that is precisely what happens. Some of the most common injuries dockworkers face can result in catastrophic and lifelong bodily damage.

In some instances, these injuries may prove unavoidable, but in others, safety can come into play. Learn more about these common dockworker pitfalls to help mitigate the circumstances and chances of you becoming a statistic.


Dock surfaces may become a conglomerate of chemicals, debris and water. Many of these do not mix well and thus make an already slippery situation worse. Slips, trips and falls can result in head, back and neck injuries that may leave you needing a life of medical care, rehabilitation and loss of income. Ensure your working area is clear of dangerous substances, and wear appropriate footwear.


You may work near or utilize a variety of mechanical implements in performing the loading and unloading of boats. Remain diligent and steer clear of machinery you may become struck or crushed by. Wearing bright-colored safety vests and remaining aware of your surroundings can mitigate these risks.


Chemicals used on and in boats may produce toxic fumes that can cause irritation and eventual lung damage over time. Some boats may still have asbestos in the piping and underworking that may settle into your lung tissue if you do not have the proper safety gear. Always remain aware of the danger inhalants pose to your health and safety.

Staying safe on the dock should remain a top priority for you and your employer. If you feel like you have suffered due to your job, a professional firm may offer guidance for recovery.