3 common causes of truck accidents and how to prevent them

When a truck accident occurs, it is often fatal. In fact, truck accidents cause up to 5,000 deaths per year.

Some large truck accidents are the result of circumstances that the truck driver cannot control. However, there are a few common causes that truck drivers can prevent.

1. Distracted driving

Like many other drivers, truck drivers can become distracted by music, phone calls or texts while they drive. They may even look for things to fight boredom and fatigue from driving such long distances. Truck drivers can prevent distracted driving accidents by putting away anything that could distract them, such as their cell phones. They should use them for emergencies only, and they need to pull over before getting them out. In addition, they should avoid eating in the vehicle and take regular breaks where they get out of their trucks and walk around.

2. Insufficient maintenance

When trucks do not receive regular maintenance, they can become dangerous. These vehicles may lose or blow tires, leaving debris on the road and causing a loss of control. Trucks rely heavily on their brakes, which can go out on steep downhill treks, causing accidents. Any number of things can go wrong with a truck that does not receive proper maintenance.

3. Improper cargo loading

During the drive, cargo can shift inside the truck, and if all the weight suddenly moves to one side on a sharp turn, the truck may turn over completely. In addition, improper loading can cause cargo to fall out of the truck at high speeds. Therefore, drivers should check their cargo before getting on the road.

Due to the added danger they bring to the road, truck drivers have a duty to do everything they can to protect other drivers.