3 actions long-haul truckers can take to prevent accidents

Individuals who drive for a living usually recognize the risk of this profession as they travel on freeways and rural roads alike. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many truckers travel more than 100,00 miles per year as they haul goods and materials, sometimes across several states.

While some laws protect truckers and may prevent serious accidents or even death, those who drive large trucks for a living can also take a few actions that may protect them and those with whom they share the road.

1. Getting adequate sleep

Those who drive semis and other large trucks for long hours can increase their focus and support their overall stamina by getting at least eight hours of restful sleep each night. Driving without stopping to rest can reduce reaction time, a component that is vital to operating large trucks safely. Lack of sleep can also lead to aggressive driving and actions on the road that a truck driver may not take when otherwise properly rested.

2. Using safety equipment

While seatbelt use can keep truck drivers safe, carrying other types of safety equipment may also reduce the risk of accidents. Items such as road flares and emergency signage can alert other motorists if a large truck breaks down and the driver cannot move it out of the roadway.

3. Avoiding distractions

Those who drive 18-wheelers are as prone to distraction as other motorists, but the accidents this may cause usually result in catastrophic injury because of the size and weight of these vehicles. Drivers can avoid accidents by using a driving app that restricts cell phone use while driving and remaining aware of traffic patterns at all times.

Difficult delivery quotas and exhaustion can affect truck drivers and urge them to push safety measures aside, causing a greater risk of serious and far-reaching injury to other motorists.